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D,Gray-Man → Fou → #005 - Cut.

Title:  Hair-cut
 Fandom: D.Gray-Man
 Characters: Fou, Bak
 Prompt: #005 - Cut
 Word Count: 934
 Rating: PG-13
 Summary: It made her incredibly annoyed when she had to stand there and listen to him talk, or follow him around, and all he did was fuss with his bloody hair.
 Disclaimer: I do not own D.Gray-Man.
 Notes: Only rated because Fou says a bad word. I thought this was a funny idea.

Bak complained a lot when his hair grew a little too long. He pouted out his lips and blew air up at his bangs, blowing blond locks out of his eyes. The Branch Head may not have noticed, but he fussed with his hair a lot when it got too long.

It drove her nuts.

It made her incredibly annoyed when she had to stand there and listen to him talk, or follow him around, and all he did was fuss with his bloody hair.

Fou could cut off his head sometimes, she swore it. Tagging along behind him,  she watched as he scratched at his neck. The Guardian had been around him long enough to know that this meant his long hair was itching his flesh. Then he brushed it out of his eyes, and he appeared to have stopped.

Until he started blowing air out  up at his bangs.

Putting her hands on her hips, she stopped walking and shot him a look. "Baka-Bak! Are you trying to drive me insane?!" People in white coats walking all around them stopped a moment to stare, but perhaps this wasn't a rare occurrence, for they continued on their way.

"W-what?!" The blond stopped and turned to look at her, looking a little panicked as though he expected her to kick him. "What did the great me do?!" He raised a hand and brushed his bangs out of his eyes again.

A finger was pointed almost violently in his face and he cringed."That! That's what you're doing!" Fou yelled.  "Your hair! It's pissing me off!"  

The argument lasted a good half hour, much to the dismay of just about anybody within earshot as the Guardian and her creators descendant walked through the labyrinth of halls. It went back and forth. Occasionally their voices died down to a relatively quiet tone -- for them.

"Just let me cut your damn hair!"

Was she insane?! She'd probably cut off his ear, and in the process, somehow manage to chop his nose off, too.

Another five minutes was spent shooting the same words back and forth. "Yes!" "No!" "Yes!" "No!" Until she threatened to tie him down and do it with force. That's when he finally agreed -- there was less chance of loosing a part of his body if she wasn't pinning him down.

That was how he ended up sitting on the steps in the Chapterhouse in front of the gate Fou resided in, muttering words that weren't for the young to hear. He cringed when he saw her change the form of her thick arms and palms into thin arms and slender hands that matched her twelve year old body.

He gulped when he heard the sound of the metal scissors being opened and closed again, the sounds of metal scraping against metal, before she forced him to stay staring ahead with a rough re-positioning of his head. And then she shot him a dirty look.

"Stay still, Baka-Bak!" It was a warning. A warning stern enough to make him sit completely still as she began cutting his hair. He saw the first chunk of hair from his bangs fall as the scissors cut. He watched it hit the floor(without moving his head), and a small whimper left his throat. Fou rolled her eyes and muttered, "Pussy," under her breath.

Bak seemed to relax the more she cut his hair, as though trusting her with the scissors a little more with every cut to each strand. It was getting shorter, and he could already tell it wasn't annoying him  as much. He watched her out of the corner of his eyes as she took her time cutting the hair on the side of his head. Then she moved to the back.

Fou wondered idly what it was like to have to constantly deal with your hair growing. Having to cut it when it got too long. She didn't know; she wasn't human. Her nails didn't grow, her hair didn't grow -- she hadn't even grown an inch since her creation. The Guardian Diety still looked like a twelve year old, and would for her entire life. She pushed the thoughts away as she continued to cut blond strands of the mans hair.

 Gathering the last bit of long, uncut locks in her fingers, she cut it short again. But Bak moved, and the scissors slipped.

"...Oops," was all that left her lips.

Bak froze. "What did you do, Fou?!" He yelled,  reaching back to touch his hair and see the damage she did. Before she swatted his hand away, he felt the short, very short, patch of hair that he was sure would be noticeable just by looking at it.

"N-nothing! There's nothing wrong at all!"

"You... you...! Liar!"

The scissors hit the ground with a small bounce and a loud clang. Suddenly, Fou shoved Baks' hat over his head. "Here, wear the hat! You won't notice!"

By the time Bak fixed his hat and turned around to yell at her, Fou was already disappearing back into the gate with a small laugh, a sheepish smile spread across her lips. The electricity and flashes of lightening over her body pulled her in, much  more welcoming then the nasty look on Baks' face.

"Fou!" He yelled, running to the wall to try to stop her from returning to her barrier. But she was already gone, and all he could hear was her light giggles and then her mocking voice from the cement in front of him.

"Just wear the hat, Baka-Bak~ Nobody will notice your little bald-spot."


February 2008

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