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D.Gray-Man → Fou → #037 → Butterfly

 Title:  Future
 Fandom: D.Gray-Man
 Characters: Fou, Child!Bak
 Prompt: #037 - Butterfly
 Word Count: 487
 Rating: PG
 Summary: At first he stayed stayed with his hand gripping hers tightly, but he finally let go and began venturing a few feet away from her as he explored.
 Disclaimer: I do not own D.Gray-Man.
 Notes: This is pretty lame, but I thought the idea of it was pretty cute. The idea goes to my friend who triggered it when she said that even the smallest death has the potential to change the future.

Looking after the little blond boy at her side was definitely not something Fou would admit to liking. Kids were curious and a little too intelligent for their own good.

Maybe it was because of the boys constant curiosity, did Fou take Bak outside for the first time in his life when he was a child of four years. Keeping him inside could only keep him entertained for so long.

"We can go outside?" Little Bak was so naive.

"What'd you think?! We were trapped in here?" Fou retorted, large palms on her hips as she watched the little boy standing in front of her.

"Well, I don't know..." Fou wished she could hit the little thing. But she couldn't -- it was her 'duty' to look after him today, for at least a little while. It seemed everybody who usually cared for the annoying brat was busy.

It was then that the idea struck her. Nobody had exactly said she couldn't take little Bak outside. Nobody really gave her any definite rules. Just to look after him, keep him out of trouble.

"You know what, kid? Come here," Fou held an arm out to him and he hesitated before he reached up and grabbed a hold of her hand.

And then she took him through her gate to the forest just above the Asian Branch.

Every kid was curious about their surrounding world. Even inside, Bak always asked questions with a demand for an answer. Aside from being a little naive, he was a rather intelligent child who caught onto things rather easily. At first he stayed stayed with his hand gripping hers tightly, but he finally let go and began venturing a few feet away from her as he explored. But never out of sight.

She wasn't surprised when he began his onslaught of questions when she lead him through the bamboo field. He asked questions and pointed with his childish fingers. He laughed and threw leaves at her, only earning him a gentle smack upside the head and a stern 'stop that!'

"Look!" Bak was pointing his pale fingers at something fluttering low a few feet away.

"That's a butterfly, kid."

"Butterfly?" He asked, tilting his head back to look up at Fou as she stood behind him.

"Yup." The Guardian knelt onto her knees beside him as she watched the colorful creature flutter and soar over the leaves scattered among the ground. Bak linked arms with her, but she payed no attention. "Did you know that even if one butterfly dies, it can change the course of the future?"

"Huh?! Really? But it's so small..."

Fou hit him gently over the head with her palm, and he winced as his hat fell off the top of his head and hit the ground with a soft thud. "So are you," She replied, before she turned her head.

Frightened, the butterfly took off through the bamboo sticks.


February 2008

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